Romantic Tuesday: Indivisible 

Once we became two

The we became one

An inseparable sum

Growing closer as the seconds pass

Trying to slow time to make time last

In heart, mind and soul

We are everlasting 

Strengthen by our bond we carry each other 

This temporary separation causes the heart to ache

We feel as one and not allow the sometimes sadnesss to overcome us

In the intimacy of confessions we confess and express all of what love was created to be

You and I 

The sum of togetherness 

Always whole, inseparable 

Forever indivisible 


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16 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: Indivisible 

  1. What is meant to be one can not even be separated through distance. It is a connection by heart which is not depending on time and space. Such a beautiful poem, Sylvester.

    1. Thank you, Erika. When you realize the gift of what is, it strengthens the union that much more…distance becomes irrelevant and love takes precedence.

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