Leopoldo López, en la cárcel de Ramo Verde. (Ramo Verde military prison)


Sentenced to 13 years

Political prisoner

Fighting for change 

Venezuela is being smothered 


A voice for all

Not for one

Love for his country 

Tortured and denied rights

Even behind bars

He is free

Prayers please

Where is civility?

Where is justice?

Where is humanity?


Leopoldo López is currently serving a thirteen-year sentence for several crimes including instigation of delinquency, arson, damage to public property, “incitement to riot”, and terrorism. The charges have been labeled by organizations or legislative bodies outside of Venezuela as politically motivated. Human rights groups around the globe have called for López’ release due to the government’s negligent handling of the trial. 

source: Wikipedia 


8 thoughts on “Leopoldo

  1. as a result of administrative sanctions imposed by Venezuela’s Comptroller’s Office following an investigation into two corruption scandals involving alleged nepotism and misappropriation of funds.

  2. I just checked Wikipedia because I did not know about that case by now. Thank you for this poem because I would not have been aware of it. If a government want someone to shut up they always find ways….. It is terrible!

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