Pieces overturned

Have to reset the board

Giving life a run for its money

Each day delivers a stalemate

Life trying to predict my moves

Me, trying to predict life’s moves (lesson learned)

So we stare at the board

Unbeknownst to us

God knows all and has the final say

So, I am positive He is sitting up there

Chuckling at our stalemates

Good thing life is not a sore loser

I plan on winning eventually

God will reveal the secret move

When it is time

I don’t mind setting up the board again

Until then


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19 thoughts on “Stalemate

  1. “Me trying to predict life’s moves”… I hear you. But although I know I don’t think I have learned the lesson yet. Tricking myself again and again…. lol! So let’s set up the board again πŸ˜„

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