The Paw And The Pen

So I gave my alter ego a pen 

To see what he would come up with

So I had to translate his thoughts for you:


A presidential looking guy 

Wearing a red tie 

Sports a read face

His locker room banter

Went viral 

And now his campaign spirals

Even further from reality 


A woman with a presidential look

Her last name is the hook 

To reel in the votes 

But her personal email notes

Are being leaked

She has a Wikileaks in her foundation 

But she believes there will be jubilation 

When she makes history come November 


My paws are cramping (sorry that wasn’t meant to be translated, it was personal)


Sunday with Syl’s pen

Thoughtful of him to lend

And share this cat’s spin

I wish you could see his grin


Yes I am just a tad off center

photo courtesy of


15 thoughts on “The Paw And The Pen

  1. I guess many of us are pretty much connected with our egos that way! Glad you gave it a voice (or paw πŸ˜„) … oh, and it can relax now… good job, paw 🐾 😁

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