Monday Motivation: Breaking Through The Obstacles 

Life is filled with obstacles. Sometimes our will, our patience, or our faith is tested. Has there ever been something you wanted to do or something you wanted and it looks like little things keep happening to delay you from what you want? You can either opt out or continue on until you break through these obstacles and achieve or get to what you are hoping for.

We have to change our mindset and not see obstacles as deterrents but as strengthening mechanisms to help us grow within. With each obstacle we face, instead of being discouraged, we are that much more determined to break through and continue on our path.

Dead-end job, self-esteem, disabilities, financial, spiritual, lifestyle, we all face obstacles in different areas of our lives. Even more powerful than breaking through obstacles is not backing down or turning away from them. You can do it!

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Video: Steven Claunch “Overcoming Obstacles”


19 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Breaking Through The Obstacles 

      1. No, thank you for your post. I had a serious case of the Monday blues. I was sitting in front of my computer feeling sorry for myself until I read this. Now I’m motivated to keep pressing forward! Again Thank You!!

  1. Awesome post, Sylvester, and a fantastic video! The difference is not made by the obstacles everybody has but by overcoming them. Achieving something by overcoming an obstacle weighs much more than achieving it because of a natural skill. We need to focus on the goal, not on the obstacle and we can conquer the world!

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