Romantic Tuesday: Your Reflection


Holding up a mirror to you

I only want you to see what I see

Not taking anything away from your esteem

The perspective from my heart is clean

You are so much more than a physical being

Your thoughtfulness and care weigh heavy on my scale

Pieces of you are everywhere

Because you give so much of you

I do not need any clues to see this truth

I steadily appreciate all that you do

Not taking anything for granted

I have seen too many times, here today and gone tomorrow

So, I appreciate deeply, the here with you

If I could give you a tenth of what you give to me

I think we could light up a small city

You light up my world immensely

And I hope in some way you can see that in your reflection

I will do my best to show you that all you give and do

Is just a small portion of what makes you so beautiful

There is so much that words cannot measure up

I express what I know

You give all things new meaning


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