Romantic Tuesday: Call Me


They ran into each other at the deli several times

No coincidence, it was the only deli in the neighborhood

In the beginning they only exchanged smiles and a pleasant “Good evening”

Then those pleasantries led to casual conversation while waiting for their numbers to be called

He wanted to ask her out for coffee, lunch, dinner or whatever life was serving at the moment

But his nerves always got the best of him, so he kept the conversations casual

She seemed to linger at times after her choices had been sliced, wrapped and priced

Lingering as if waiting for him to say something other than “Have a nice evening”

On a nice cool autumn evening, he filled his lungs with the fresh autumn air

This was it, this was the time, nerves be damned

And there they were, awaiting their numbers to be called… and before he uttered a word

“Number 17” his number called first

“I’ll have this that and the other, center cut and not sliced too thin,” he said hurriedly

“Number 18”

“Number 19”

“Number 20”Β her number

He waited patiently as she placed her order, no way was this moment escaping

Picking up her neatly wrapped goods at the counter, she noticed he was still there

She smiled with one of those smiles that you could barely notice but notice

“I was wondering if I could call…” and before he could finish, she wrote her number on one of his packaged deli cuts

“Anytime” she said

They both smiled and blushed, you know, like in one of romantic comedy chance meeting scenarios

“How about if I walk you home, it’s a nice evening out” his nerves were nowhere to be found

“I think it’s going to be a wonderful evening” she said, as they left the deli for the first time, together

Btw, he did call her later.. a long conversation that night


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