New Release : Soul Embers


I am so humbled and thankful to announce the release of my fourth poetry collection “Soul Embers”.  A project which I started in January of this year and was able to see it to completion. Aside from some of my wordpress poems, I wrote many original pieces never published. Love is the foundation for all that I do and it is the main ingredient to this poetry collection.

It is available at  and Amazon ❤



A huge thank you to all of you here for inspiring me to continue my writing journey, create and reach higher than ever.

Love and blessings,



photo credit: Coloring Pages for Free 2015 


59 thoughts on “New Release : Soul Embers

  1. Congratulations, Sylvester! This is so awesome! I will head over to Amazon right away. I am totally excited! You know, I love your poetry and having a collection of new poems is like paradise 😃

      1. You know, you are very appreciated by everyone here. Your poems are touching our hearts time and time again with the way you convey your messages. Btw. the cover is amazing. That volcano and what you wrote about the content feels like a real poetic explosion of an inspired heart, I cannot wait to get my copy… already ordered!!!

      2. When I saw that photo it click automatically with what I was visioning. Thank you for your heartfelt words, again, I am humbled 🙂 and smiling!

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