Monday Motivation: Right of Refusal

Misery loves company and there are times when unhappy people try to shovel their unhappiness on you. They use a fishing rod of negativity to try and reel you in. They find fault in everything, complaint after complaint. In their mind, the world is against them.

This is when you have to exercise your right of refusal. You do not have to go along with the flow of someone else’s unhappiness thinking you are being considerate. When it starts to affect your own attitude and wellbeing, it’s time to say no more. We can only listen to unhappy language ( verbal and body) for so long before it gets old. 

You can be a good friend, companion, relative and overall person, but when misery is looking for company and not just a short term stay, you have the right to say enough is enough.. stay inspired!


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11 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Right of Refusal

  1. Great post, Sylvester! They cannot deal with their unhappiness and try to blame others for their unhappiness. It is again with this gift we don’t need to take….. then to whom does it belong? Only because someone says something about us doesn’t mean it is the truth. The truth is what we accept as the truth and we should never accept a truth that works against us… because that can never be true!

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