Monday Motivation: Are You Invisible?

Are you going about your day as usual, thinking no one is paying any attention to your existence? At work you perform your duties and interact with co-workers and the public, depending on your job. At school it’s your classmates, teachers and administrators. At home it is family, neighbors and possibly pets. You live your life and at times think you’re invisible, that you are just here on earth, just another pea in the pod.

We never know who is watching us (not in a creepy way). Possibly something you say or do might be the one thing that gives someone a boost in spirit and mind. There may be someone who admires your work habits, your study habits or your overall attitude. 

No one is insignificant. If you think you are wearing a cloak of invisibility, think again. You may be having a positive, encouraging affect on those around you in your daily interactions. 

No one is insignificant! Stay inspired!


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18 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Are You Invisible?

  1. Wow, I love that message! Yes, everybody is giving something everyday, consciously or unconsciously with what they do and there are always those who get exactly what they needed from that very person and if it was only a necessary smile!

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