Romantic Tuesday: Chances Given

You gave me chance

By taking a chance on me

You have shown me your heart and all there is inside

To this day I have never cease to be thankful 

Sometimes I wish we could be where we desire to be

At the moment, life calls for us to do otherwise 

Never will there be a need to question yourself 

I couldn’t see life without you 

The relevance of that is beautiful 

Many sunrises ago, I knew that I loved you

And to receive your love gives more richness to each sunrise 

You gave me a chance

You believe in me

Chances given are never taken for granted 


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20 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: Chances Given

  1. Love is patient, love is kind…. and full of gratitude, appreciation, and rock solid faith. This is a very touching and at the same time powerful poem. Beautiful, Sylvester.

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