Romantic Tuesday: How Long?

Before I put the ring on your finger

I thought to myself, “how long?”

How long would I be gifted with you?

Finding our joy within what we make of each day

Looking across the room just to get a glance of you

Smiling to myself seeing you there

Smiling with you for no reason

Or the reason being in the awareness we are really together 

How long would I have waited for you?

Certainly my patience would have outlasted time

You are once in a lifetime and each time I think about it…

I thank God it is this lifetime 

After seeing the ring on your finger, “how long?” became a whisper

I, the fortunate man, had the most beautiful soul as my sole partner for life

And in this moment there were no questions 

There were only two beings who loved one another

More than any storybook romance could describe 


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