Soft Construction 

Never cared about ruling the world 

Or chasing after superficial things

Appreciating the intimacy of soft construction 

Sitting and pondering a dream

Lighting a candle in dark places

To see what hope would reveal

Staring at a calendar full of days

Wondering how it feels to share them all

Marking them off as they come and go

Marker stains on my fingertips as I point and remember 

The day was more than a number on a page

Someone else is probably sitting there

And those pigeons are still walking nearby 

A dream is still being pondered 

While I am watching the candle burn, slowly


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5 thoughts on “Soft Construction 

  1. Those intimate private moments are filled with an abundance which can never be reached by earthly wealth. And it can only be reached when looking beyond the superficiality.

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