Whispering Mist

Going back to a time we once knew

Serenity still lingers in the atmosphere 

A mist whispering memories hovers 

Triggering an auto play of images 

The wise ones say when you drink too much of what you had

The taste is bittersweet 

Better to have had than to not have had at all

So I drink down these memories 

Stirring up the inspiration to undertake this endeavor 

To decorate life as beautiful as it can be

And leave more memories for the mist to whisper 

photo courtesy of pixabay.com


11 thoughts on “Whispering Mist

  1. Oh yes, no matter how bittersweet the moment will be when the most beautiful things in life become a memory. When it is bittersweet than it is the proof of being gifted with something really special and no one can ever take this away anymore!

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