Monday Motivation: ‘Tis The Season 

Wow, three weeks until Christmas! I am starting to hear the familiar questions… “have you got all your Christmas shopping done?”, “Where are you spending Christmas?”, etc.

For some this time of year can be very exciting. The hustle and bustle of shopping and wrapping gifts, the family traditions, the personal traditions, Christmas specials on tv, movies and live theatre. Indeed a special time of year!

For others, it can be a hard month on into the new year. Depression can settle in firmly, anxiety, an assortment of emotions can surface during this season.

Let us be conscientious of those around us and those we interact with during the day. Below the surface of the shining, blinking lights, the relentless advertisements to shop, shop, shop, the Salvation Army bell ringers, etc. There is the spiritual meaning of Christmas.

No religious preaching or intellectual lectures here. I am basically talking about the human soul and sharing kindness and compassion. Spread love wherever you go in whatever way you choose. A kind uplifting word can be just as meaningful as a wrapped box with a bow. Most important of all, love yourself, do what you are capable of doing, give from the heart (and that means giving to yourself too), and remember that everyone is not in the same situation.

Love is not restricted to one season, it is in season all year round.

Stay inspired!!

photo credit: A Charlie Brown Christmas 


24 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: ‘Tis The Season 

  1. I like your note about all year long – but sadly I see folks get all emotionally high in December to then crash in January – but much to be joyful about and I love the lights. And songs. ! And Charlie Brown!!

  2. Wonderful impulse, Syl! Christmas is not a season but a place in our hearts! We can have Christmas every day and spread the Christmas feeling every day if we walk through the year with an open heart.

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