Rite of Passage 


Miles and miles

The concrete stretched 

Concrete in my belief of reaching point B

Point A was so far behind me now

As if I had breached a new dimension of some sort

Life has changed so much on this journey 

Faithfully I stick to the directed path 

Stray off to much and find yourself in oblivion 

On a fast track to nowhere

Parts of who I once was, break apart from within me

Bidding a fond farewell silently 

No longer dormant and living a fabricated life 

I accept my evolution into someone new, perhaps who I have been all along 

Each step forward, each mile marker reached
I am learning, absorbing and experiencing this unearthen life 

Point B is my supposed destination 

But I am understanding quickly, there is life beyond


photo courtesy of pixabay.com



8 thoughts on “Rite of Passage 

  1. Awesome poem! When we consciously left point A there is only point B to follow and walk any path necessary to get there. Point A is lost in the fog behind but point B gets clearer with each step and so gets the knowing of what is beyond. Wonderful poem.

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