First Fruits

We would wait for the clouds to roll on pass

This landscape needed some care

And we would do just that, nurture it 

We believed it could be done

Taking this deserted prize and giving it life again

However which way the wind would blow

We were all in, dreaming of seeing the first fruits 

The hopes we harvested would surely match the harvest in the spring

Or surpass it

It was wonderful to do something together, as we have dreamed for so long

Just one of many dreams we hope would come to fruition 


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6 thoughts on “First Fruits

  1. Wow, what a lovely analogy that fits so many situations in life. Projects, relationships, … Dreaming, believing, acting, and sticking to the belief. If that is done together it is even more powerful and the result may truly “surpass” the expectations!

    1. Interpretation is in the heart of the reader. Yes, if we are blessed to work together with someone sharing the same dream/goal, it can only multiply the blessing!

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