Cascading Feelings 

Sentimental thoughts 

Sentimental day

In God we trust

To guide our way 

The heart is flooded

With sterling gratitude 

And the floodgates open

Demonstrating this to you

A flag of humbleness 

Flies in this thankful state

For I am a pauper in soul

Blessed to this fate

I have witnessed the blind to see

I have heard the tongue-tied speak

I have battled the demons 

I have been broken and weak

Sentimental thoughts 

Sentimental day

Cascading feelings 

Spilling out today

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18 thoughts on “Cascading Feelings 

  1. Sometimes it is amazing how our whole life seems to present itself in one moment like the most amazing review! That was so touching and it triggered that movie within me too. We all have come a long way! Blessings to you, Syl!

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