Set Pieces

I understand this show of time

Life in a glass case on display 

Set pieces in their perspective places

Motion capture movement 

I understand this flow of time

The cogs continue to turn in the mind

Intellect directs the routine

But the heart has a mind of its own 

It is always free


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33 thoughts on “Set Pieces

  1. That is great! The perspective from the observer standing above life, above yourself. Stepping back is an amazing thing which makes you see more around life and also makes you see that you can detach from any turmoil which proves that we are not that turmoil we are in… perhaps I digressed here because of I myself stepped back through your poem!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Where we are at this point individually may not be where we choose or desire to be, but we still function (live) within the routine of the day while knowing that we are capable of change and moving ourselves in the direction of that change we desire.

      1. I know that feeling well. I just started to “function” in a way that also supports the desired change and this again motitvates to function a lot more… lol!

  2. I love this. I am finding and discovering that all along I was okay I just didn’t know it. I always wished to be somewhere else but now I see I’m right where I need to be. I love this perspective writing if we all did this maybe we would rest more maybe! 😌

    1. Thank you, M! I’m happy to hear that you are centered and aware that you are in the right place for you. God works all things together for good 😊

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