Motivation Monday:  There Are No Dead Ends

On our journey we face many challenges and difficulties. Although we would like life to be without bumps in the road, those bumps are there to test out mettle. We can sit idle, come to a complete standstill or find a way to move forward.

We will have setbacks. We will have delays. What we will not have are dead ends! Our journey takes us through so many different experiences and from these experiences we learn, we grow, we mature and hopefully become a little more wiser. The life experience is a mystery from one day to the next. We do not know what tomorrow holds in store. Focusing on today, we deal with this phase of the road where we are. 

If your road today is smooth, keep walking. If your road today is bumpy, keep walking. If the sign post reads “no through road”, find your way through and keep walking. 

There are no dead ends, only the ones we allow.

Stay inspired

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12 thoughts on “Motivation Monday:  There Are No Dead Ends

  1. Oh yes, never stop moving, no matter what comes our way. The smooth roads make us gain back energy to face the bumpy ones… but never stop walking. Fantastic powerful post, Sylvester! A true Monday motivator!

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