Romantic Tuesday: Letters of Affection

Standing, looking at your photo

Remembering the last touch of your face

Remembering the last touch of your hands

Feels like an eternity

Christmas so very near

The perfect gift would be to have you here

Or to find myself at your doorstep

God, give me strength

Reading through your cards and letters

Adds that bit of extra light to my day

Your affection is as tender as your touch

The words you wrote burst strong in my heart

Your photo appears so much alive

I will light a candle for us on Christmas Eve

A prayer which will burn on through Christmas night

Your letters of affection…..

Are a star of hope

Music: Breathe “Hands To Heaven”

photo credit: A Cup of Jo


17 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: Letters of Affection

  1. This is one of the most touching and moving poems I read from you. So much pain of longing but also thankfulness and faith. A firework of expressing love. This is most beautiful. Was listening to the song while reading. The perfect add! Thank you for sharing this today, Sylvester!

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