Monday Motivation: We Can Do Without That

Take a deep breath, exhale…

There is good and bad in this life. Man made, natural and spiritual. Sometimes you find yourself harboring feelings such as anger, resentment, bitterness, lack of caring and other down right negative feelings that can lead to an unhealthy body, mind and spirit.

For whatever reason or for no reason at all one of these feelings might find its way inside and you keep it bottled up, not wanting to or not knowing how to express it. We cannot keep it bottled up inside because it can be very detrimental. We have to find a way to express what we are feeling. It can be by talking to someone, writing, praying and any other outlet we can find (in a positive way). 

Do not hold things in, let it out. We all can do without negativity stirring inside. Stay inspired!


17 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: We Can Do Without That

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Swallowing and ignoring what actually is sprouting more and more inside is unhealthy and brings devastation. We need to get rid of those bacterias before they cause a damage within us, which again affects our surrounding, and over time even our bodies. Great post and great song, Syl!

  2. Wonderful message Syl, sometimes we feel we need permission to express ourselves, we hold back, we swallow anger and sorrow in an attempt to shield others from our pain for fear of hurting or angering them. As you so eloquently write, we can find ways to release these emotions without harming others. Writing is therapeutic and can be read or left alone by others. Thank you for addressing this Syl, you are wise and your words are comforting.

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