Live What We Live


Although I cannot see

I can feel

When the birds are in flight

I stand in marvel at them

The sky would be crowded if we all had wings

So I marvel at their sequence of flight

Although I cannot see

I can feel

Swallowing words like soft gels

Easing what is going on inside

Live what we live

And find a way to make it all worthwhile


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9 thoughts on “Live What We Live

  1. Wow, what a post. The sky would definitely crowded…
    The song is beautiful. I did not understand a word…lol… but watching the video explained a lot. Reading your poem again with the song playing in the background was like observing you (the writer) while watching the storks take a spectacular flight.
    Also, seeing has many meanings but as long as we can feel we can be everywhere.

    1. Seeing does have many meanings. In the absence of physical, we can feel through our thoughts. The song is from one of my favorite singers in latin music. The video does tell the story.

      1. Yes, sometime we perceive something even better when not seeing with our physical eyes. The feeling reaches out even stronger! It is a beautiful song and a beautiful story!

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