Seven Doors


“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”
E.E. Cummings

Seven doors in front of me

So many choices that I see

Door number one or door number two

Three through seven look like good choices too

I threw seven pebbles to the ground

Still, there was no choice to be found

If they weren’t all painted white

My mind wouldn’t have such a fight

Time to close my eyes and decide

On second thought, open eyes won’t lie

Seven doors have spoken

Each with a reason to be opened

Take a deep breath and here we go

Which door I opened, someday I will let you know


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11 thoughts on “Seven Doors

  1. Intriguing and beautiful riddle Syl. Once we choose the door and pass through we often must remain there. So Sayeth Holly 🙂 lovely my friend!

  2. The struggles with the crossroads in life! Your poem is one of the most amazing ways to display that dilemma! What does that say to us? Go ahead and open any door. No matter which door, in the end, it will lead to the place where you are supposed to be… and all will be well! The mind cannot know what the soul planned ahead!

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