Thankful just to be alive today

Nothing drastic just thankful

Life has its way of speaking to you

When you come to a pause within going about living

Everything seems to get quiet 

And even if a pin drops it cannot be heard

 I stand

I observe

I listen 

My heart expands and contracts 

My lungs fill themselves with the moment

Until the next moment arrives 

So in this moment, I thank you, God

For just letting me be alive today


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26 thoughts on “Pause 

  1. Pawsome post, dude – the human is taking over MY iPhone today so she can read her favorite blogs – she hasn’t been able to wrestle the phone out of my paws fur awhile now – there’s a NEW CREATURE around here now too -(should’a got those humans spayed while I had the chance)- she’s taking over today so she can post pictures of the Creature’s NEW SISTER!🙀

      1. Check it out dude -

  2. I must agree with Erika there is an acceptance in this message, a pause to just be and to be grateful for that. Lovely Syl, words we can all appreciate.

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