Monday Motivation: Not Such A Simple Act

“When it comes to letting go, the heart and mind are playing a game of chess.” 


We reach certain points in our life when change is inevitable. Due to our growing in age, maturity, spiritual, mental state, inner being and for various other reasons. Then comes the hard part of letting go so that whatever change is in progress, can happen and run its course.

Letting go is not an easy task. We become attached and separating from that attachment is difficult in some cases. We hold on because of the sentiment involved and or because of the fear of change. It is absolutely okay to be afraid, to have this natural feeling. We can talk tough, act bold, show no fear, but deep down it is there and we just cannot allow it to paralyze us. 

When we reach that point on our life journey when we know that a change is needed in order for our walk to continue, we have to find the strength, courage and faith to let go of being settled in comfort and complacency. How often do we go along with the program and confuse that with actually living life? We are blessed with free will and the potential to do and experience great things.  We cannot live life without expecting change to knock at our door.

The question is, will you answer and accept the invitation?

Stay inspired!


32 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Not Such A Simple Act

  1. Life IS change! If nothing changes anymore we need to check if we still live or simply exist! Change is inevitable since it is connected with the whole transformation process and development around us. We all develop and at times the point of letting go is here! Sometimes it is us who realize that a change is needed or others decide for a change which affects us. Fear or melancholy is always part of the game but we need to look beyond the current circumstances in order to find the power to cut the chords which hold us back!

    1. Life is changing and evolving on a daily basis whether we are aware of it or not. We face the decision to invite change for many reasons, personal, professional and unexpectedly. We each have to look within and beyond natural mode of thought for the wisdom and guidance to participate or not with change when it rises.

      1. We gain confidence and stronger faith cords with each decision and change we face. The mind and heart will always have a chess match.

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