Romantic Tuesday: Two Fractions

Cultural divide

But really not that wide

After that first look

We could not deny

This beautiful attraction

Two fractions added together

And made one whole

Cultural differences

Enhance our uniqueness

Underneath the skin

We both bleed red

And the tears we shed

Have no color

They pour into the root of us

As we grow closer everyday

Closing the divide rapidly

The one that the world sees

Because we see only love

And what it is meant to be


photo credit: Denzel Washington and Sarita Choudhury in the 1991 motion picture Mississippi Masala



10 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: Two Fractions

  1. What a beautiful poem and I love Denzel Washington! They say that twin souls mostly come from different worlds (different continents, races or cultures.) The ultimate union of a completion. This poem is such a wonderful tribute to all of those united twin flames.

    1. When it’s meant to be all the underlining factors such at race, culture, social, doesn’t exist it’s only love. The ultimate union of completion…as you stated.

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