#Loveuary ❤ – Day 2

My Sister Ritu http://butismileanyway.com has started an open invitation prompt for the month of February with the theme being Love. 

Love for my parents:

You raised me and kept me safe

Did your best to keep me walking straight 

As a little pup I didn’t always understand 

Your rules, your ways and your demands

You were and will always be a super mom and friend for me

You raised us three on your own

And still shelter us with love as we have grown

There is so much more that I could say

Just know that I love you, mom

More than words could ever say

photo courtesy of pixabay.com

I never knew my dad growing up and it holds true to this day. I was blessed to have a loving, strong and tough mom, who poured her love, wisdom and character into me.

You can read Ritu’s post here: https://butismileanyway.com/2017/02/02/day-2-loveuary-❤-my-love-for-my-parents/


27 thoughts on “#Loveuary ❤ – Day 2

  1. I must agree with Erika, a beautiful tribute and obviously well deserved. We don’t realize the sacrifices made until we are adults ourselves and then we are in awe.

      1. So true Syl. My mom passed away when I was very young and I was raised by grandparents and a detached Dad. When I think of the responsibility they took on, having already raised their own children I am in awe. Some people are strong beyond our comprehension.

      2. I’m glad you had that strong foundation from your grandparents. So very true, Holly…some people are strong beyond our comprehension.

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