Romantic Tuesday: #Loveuary ❤ – You +Me = Us…Which = ❤


I guess we were meant to meet at this time

To bring back balance to our lives

We are equal weights on the scale of love

Priceless smiles worth more than the world

Arm in arm we have weathered the storms

And through it all we have formed the most beautiful shelter

Our love has no norm or no form

It is and will always be free flowing

A romanticist dream

We took everything that was good

Everything that was wrong and everything that was right

We put it all together and created something better than better

At any other time we would have been a two red lights

Stuck in the traffic of passing life

We met when the light of life was green

And from that moment we have never stop going forward, together

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17 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: #Loveuary ❤ – You +Me = Us…Which = ❤

  1. So beautiful. Those equal weights which make the scale even in order to walk straight into each other’s arms. Wonderful analogy and more of them in your poem. When two people are meant for each other they will meet at exactly the right time in order to start a whole new life as one new person. Wonderful song too!

      1. Right! It all happens in the perfect order at the perfect time and mostly because of that it is surprising. The universe has a different schedule than we do!

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