#Loveuary ❤ – Day 10 – Finding You

My Sister Ritu http://butismileanyway.com has an open invitation prompt for the month of February with the theme being Love.


Finding You

I guess God heard my sigh

Understanding my plight

My heart had begun to dry

Each day a digital copy of the previous one

To the routine I had succumb

Then You arrived

Like fireworks to my eyes

Stirring something deep inside

My core reactor came back to life

If I only had your smile to see

That would suffice

A thankful man’s vice

Finding You

was nothing short of reimagining  beautiful

Finding You

Was the blessing that God drew

From my sigh


photo courtesy of pixabay

You can read Ritu’s post here –  https://butismileanyway.com/2017/02/10/day-10-loveuary-finding-youflame-writephoto/



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