Monday Motivation: Overcoming The Pain

We experience pain in different ways. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Some pain is beyond our control as our bodies and minds are tormented by physical and mental ailments. Here I am focusing on that pain that hits us internally in our spirit. People can hurt us intentionally or unintentionally, through their words and actions. We feel betrayed, cut deep in our soul and wonder why?  

There are different levels of gaslighting. Being berated and constantly put down by someone else until you actually start feeling like you have done something wrong or there is something wrong with you. This is a pain that aches in your soul and the ripple effects stretch across the mental and physical boundaries.

Sometimes we are not in awareness of this until after the fact and that makes the road to healing even tougher. My point today is we must not allow people and this includes family and friends, to put us down and tear away at who we are. We must not allow our personality, our character and inner being to be altered because of others insecurities, unhappiness with themselves or their selfish ego in believing everything is about them.

We must not allow this type of hurt and pain to keep us from living life and growing within. We absorb this pain but we DO NOT have to hold on to it forever. Find a healthy way of releasing that is beneficial to you in healing. Never give up on You even when others push you too!

Stay inspired!

photo courtesy of pixabay 


14 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Overcoming The Pain

  1. Amazing post! Yes, there are so many who don’t want to change and instead try to change the people around! We must be aware because it happens unconsciously that we let those opinions about us take over. But we can stop this and we can break out of it. Nobody says it was easy but it is possible! As it was said in the video: “If it was easy everybody would do it!”

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