#Loveuary ❤ Days 20 & 21 – Special

My Sister Ritu http://butismileanyway.com has an open invitation prompt for the month of February with the theme being Love.

I doubled up today ❤❤

Special female and male

My mom and sister are always in my thoughts

But looking outside the scope of things

There is another who occupies my thoughts

You came at a time when I was about to concede

To go about life quietly being me

Just as I was about to shut the door

Your gentle knocking pleaded with me to leave it open

All I could see was light like I had never seen before

And from that day forth

I decided to live openly once more

You will always be an inspiration to me

Hey, bro

I miss you down here

When I come across something that I know you would appreciate

You had your battle to fight and I believe you won

Never once did you succumb to that demonic disease that tormented you

I looked up at you and how you carried your torched until the end

Until our Heavenly Father sent a chariot to take you home

We didn’t always see eye to eye

But we always supported one another, never just standing by

Cheers, bro

I miss you

photo courtesy of pixabay

You can read Ritu’s post here

29 thoughts on “#Loveuary ❤ Days 20 & 21 – Special

  1. Both poems are deeply moving, Syl! The first one reminded me of a saying. It goes like: “When you think you cannot go on anymore, a light appears from somewhere.” Ok, in German it rhymes and sounds better… lol!

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