At The Corner of Nowhere 

In the midst of another night 

Waiting at the corner of nowhere 

Street lights heighten the anticipation 

It’s do or die

No consolation prize

Is this our opportunity to get away?

Make that great escape 

Hashtag #lovewillfindaway

So I wait 

And wonder if this is all in my mind

A daydream gone offline 

Looking around, it resembles the crossroads where we met

photo credit: Flickr 

17 thoughts on “At The Corner of Nowhere 

  1. Oh I think the same thing about love it will find a way. I also believe God makes a way when there seems to not be a way! I’ve been holding on to that for almost 10 years. I can hardly believe it’s been that long! Wow…gosh I don’t know what to say your posts are amazingly touching. They always have been and now they are even more so! I think there’s a poem in the even more so! 🙂

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