Romantic Tuesday: Painting The Atmosphere

Thoughts crossing my mind

The river bends

The lantern floats along its path

The riverbed’s soil is fresh

The scent of roses in the air

Time is a delicate bridge

As we stand in the middle of flowing thoughts

The hope that awakens with us

The hope we carry throughout the day

Nurturing the roots to keep the petals alive

Hearts and minds synchronized

A petition to God for our day to come

The days are colored with and carry a familiar tone

The hope to laugh and cry as we decorate our home

And paint the atmosphere with the thoughts of our next dream

The scent of roses in the air


photo courtesy of pixabay



24 thoughts on “Romantic Tuesday: Painting The Atmosphere

  1. Wonderful thoughts, Syl. Step by step decorating and painting a life to be. I think as long as the scent of roses is around time is only a tool to make things happen but never a restriction.

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