In The Hours of Yearning 

Even in the shadows 

I hear the bird singing 

When you feel like shit

You need a good song

Angels and harps are at a distance 

But this bird with all rights reserved 

Sings a necessary song, perhaps just for me

God is all around in magnitude 

I lift my head to His ever present light in acknowledgement 

We walk by faith and not by sight

Sore eyes drop tears of angst 

The devil pokes and prod with a sharp stick

I think of myself as neither valiant or courageous 

Only a being  carry a lantern of understanding 

Asking God for a pinch of Solomon’s wisdom

photo courtesy of pixabay 


12 thoughts on “In The Hours of Yearning 

      1. Hehe! It was just amazing how you are able to convey such feelings when you see the goal but not the path or when the path is trying to throw you off your feet.

  1. I came here because I had you on my mind. I was just about to sleep and I remembered I thought of you this morning and got so busy but I’m here now to read and take in your words. I really find this encouraging in a different kind of way the devil does poke with a sharp stick and I felt something like this tonight so much that I prayed for worrier angels. I’m asking God to send them your way. Isn’t that something? Be well and blessed my friend! 🌼💛

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