Monday Thoughts: Faulty Wiring 

A week ago I was going about my days in typical fashion, work, eat, sleep, social media…the usual. All of sudden Wednesday arrives and I felt like crap the whole day. Just this heavy case of the blahs…

I was doing what I normally do and was a functional human being, but inside there was something not quite right. My mind was in the grey, no colorful bright thoughts. Only a dense shade of disinterest. Was I sad? Was I depressed? Was I suffering from a deficiency in hopefulness? Heck if I knew! 

You got to take the good with the bad, after the rain the sun will shine…blah, blah, blah…I wasn’t in the mood to hear that and as the day wore on…

I became irritated and went into Godzilla mode, alas it didn’t last long. 

Maybe I woke up on Wednesday morning with a lot on my mind and the circuitry in my brain malfunctioned from overload. I could not seem to get right within myself all day. I just wanted to head towards the nearest dungeon and shut out the world. Wednesday came and went. On Thursday things were in a better perspective. 

If life gives you lemons, do what you want to with them. It’s your decision, it always is. It’s a new day, a new week and we will see what the day brings. 

It’s all good inside..

photos courtesy of pixabay and Pinterest 


19 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts: Faulty Wiring 

  1. I can relate very well to that! Sometimes you feel restless or whatever just as you said, you are detached from yourself and that confuses! I was laughing… I cannot stand all those spiritual blahblah when you are in a bad place… lol!!!

  2. Next time it happens squeeze the heck out of those lemons, add some water and lots of sugar and have yourself a cold, refreshing lemonade! 😀
    I know it’s easy to say, I have those days too but God pulls me through and sets everything in order again. 🙂

    1. Haha..thank you and I appreciate it. Every once in a while those days come, just have to keep moving forward, eyes on God all the way!😊

      1. I know those days quite well and it’s amazing how one can be grey and hopeless and the next just full of life and sunshine. Yes, eyes on God every second of every hour of every day! Have a blessed day, my friend!!! 😊

      2. Thanks my friend and sorry for a late response. My days are good. God is good! 🙌🏼

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