More Than Afterthoughts

Video playing

Moments streaming

More than afterthoughts

Consciously reliving

Escapism from breaking rocks

And attention starved clocks

Halfway through a cup of coffee

Sitting back and remembering

The joy in overindulgence

Not the reining in of feelings

Suitcases packed with hopes and dreams

Unpacked, unwrinkled by euphoric steam

In the midst of concrete habitats

And business as usual

Refusing to allow my senses to dull

Or my perspective to grow dillusional

Vivid special moments Injected

No layers of sadness detected

The routine world has been put on hold

Flares thrown into the abyss

Climbing the ladder out of this chasm

Heartwarming, as I reminisce

photo courtesy of pixabay


20 thoughts on “More Than Afterthoughts

  1. Sometimes the memory movie is all we have and at the same time it is the most beautiful impulse, power, and pusher to keep up the path in order to make the dreams of the future trailer come true!

  2. I love the suitcase packed with hopes and dreams. This is beautiful as always my friend I hope you are having a great week. I was thinking of you. Have a blessed day! 🌼😁

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