Thoughtful Thursday: Introspective

“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. If you see what I mean.”
Neil Gaiman 


photo courtesy of pixabay




18 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Introspective

  1. Great thought! Yes, you can never run from yourself. So you better become friends with yourself. There is a fitting quote of Wayne Dyer too: “You are only lonely when you cannot be with the person you are alone with!”

  2. My girl’s doctor said this to her as a means of saying you can’t run from yourself and eventually you have to face things that are painful in your life. Love this post Syl 🌼💛

      1. Wow. That’s so true. We are working on that facing ourselves and the truth of things. My girl is seeing that it feels scary and tender at the same time. This stage of life can be rough. I wouldn’t want to be 23 again. LOL 🙂

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