I Believe We Can Still Waltz


Am I out of time?

Or am I right on time?

Is time relevant at all?


You sit there



Time is at a standstill

Take my hand

I believe we can still waltz

Life is no longer a broken record

Filled with selected days of happiness

Take my hand

Lets carve out our own niche

Leave our initials etched in stone

A relic to be found by other lovers someday


I believe

We have all that we need

Two heart that pump with life

Two minds that feed the imagination

We can sit if you like

There’s no need to rush

We can hush the world

And wear intimacy like a cotton sweater

The streets have no name, I’m not paying attention

You have my undivided attention

You always have


Time is irrelevant


photo courtesy of pexels.com



9 thoughts on “I Believe We Can Still Waltz

  1. Wow, such a lovely dedication to the one. Unconditionally thankful for what is, understanding and appreciating the gift which may never be completely understood. Beautiful!

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