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Rock Ballad of The Week – John Norum “Love Is Meant To Last Forever”


You are my best friend
And I will try to understand
The moment you need me
I’ll be there so just take my hand
‘Cause I know that we were meant for each other
Don’t give up for me
‘Cause I’ll make you see

Love is meant to last forever

I never thought you could leave me
And I believed you felt the same
But now that it’s over
I realize I’m the one to be blamed
But listen i know that things will get better
So hold on to me
‘Cause I’ll make you see

Love is meant to last forever

Love is meant to last forever…
Is it too hard to understand
Love is meant to last forever…
Why can’t you hold on to love

Love is meant to last forever…

Hold on to love!


John Terry Norum (born 23 February 1964 in Vardø, Norway) is a Norwegian rock guitarist and one of the founders of the Swedish rock band, Europe. As an infant, he moved with his parents to Upplands Väsby (a Stockholm’s suburb) in Sweden, where he grew up and has spent most of his life. Concurrent to his role with Europe, he also maintains a successful side solo career.

Total Control is the first solo album by John Norum, the guitarist in the Swedish hard rock band Europe. It was released in 1987.

The album features two cover songs, “Back on the Streets”, written by former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent with country artist Richard Kinky Friedman and originally recorded by the band 3-Speed for a 1984 movie soundtrack, and “Wild One” by Thin Lizzy.

The album´s producer Thomas Witt is/was Norum´s stepfather, a former drummer for Eddie Meduza and a high-ranking manager at CBS/Sony in Sweden at the time.

Total Control is dedicated to Tommy Östervik, one of John’s friends and heroes, who died in a drowning accident the same night as Europe played a concert that later was broadcast on Swedish television.



Author: syl65

martial arts films, music, poetry, and hockey. this is just a little of who I am. Spirit of the Living God, alive inside of me. Never stop dreaming....

10 thoughts on “Rock Ballad of The Week – John Norum “Love Is Meant To Last Forever”

  1. Whooo!!! Great song! Powerful rock ballad and amazing guitar parts!

  2. Oh, I love this Syl. Wonderful pick!

  3. Unfortunately stuck here at work with no speakers….again! I asked them to get me some and they say they are coming but doesn’t help me much now! LOL! I know the band Europe but never knew the guitarist had a solo career.

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