Circumference of Perspective 

The world can be very huge

Depending on your perspective 

Blank canvass sky, waiting to be painted upon 

Skyscrapers, mountains and deserts 

Winding rivers, open sea and endless depth oceans

Depending on your perspective 

The world can be very small

Depending on the set of eyes you use

And the mind in which you decide to dream

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19 thoughts on “Circumference of Perspective 

  1. The way we deal with situations or dreams always depends on our perspective and so do the results. An awesome poem that made me feel the wideness of the space around us. Although it has a completely different meaning but immediately the song “I’m like a bird” was on my mind.

    1. Thank you, Erika! Either we allow our surrounding life to expand or we keep it tight and closed. You have to post that as a “song of the day” 👍

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