Spin Cycle

I don’t know 

How many revolutions per minute 

All I know is this world keeps spinning 


And whatever I am missing 

Whatever has me fenced in at times

I hope I never wake with regret

Saying to myself 

How could I forget?

For if that ever comes

That means I’m not here any more 

Because in every day

God will hear my gratitude 

For blessings that are of such magnitude 

That the revelence brings the world to a standstill 


Of how fast or slow the world spins around


photo credit: pexels.com


15 thoughts on “Spin Cycle

  1. You have a great mind and I always enjoy the diversity about which you write. This business about the workings of the world is intriguing to me right now…can’t seem to get enough of it. Thanks for another great poem.

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