Shadow of Flight


Shadow of flight

Night invades the day

Diminishing light

Fatigued wings

No thoughts of ย landing

Drifting in the sky

Carried by an air stream

Dream or illusion

It’s 11:23 in dsytopia


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18 thoughts on “Shadow of Flight

  1. Greetings good sir. I just read this poem and it was crazy good. I like the imagery, the close look at the bird as it clash with the setting of your poem. Nice work. If you don’t mind I would love to feature this on my weekly poetry corner. I will reblogged this post so others can come to your blog and view more of your marvelous works. Well done man.

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  2. Reblogged this on kgbethlehem and commented:
    Greetings everyone!!
    Welcome to another feature of Friday Night Poetry corner. This week, this creative, smart poet–SYl65, gave us a fantastic work called “Shadows of Flight.” I love the theme of this poem and the imagery it gave me as I read through it. Hey, look for yourself and visit this brutha’s page when you can. He has other good works for you to see and enjoy!

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