Monday Thoughts: S**t Happens

Everything seems to be going along fine in your day/life, when all of a sudden you’re thrown for a loop. The all too popular unexpected twist.

You find yourself smack in the middle of a situation you didn’t create. The initial reaction might be to have a meltdown or go into an end of the world rage (depending on the situation) or you start singing que sera sera (what ever will be, will be) and say “whatever!” Sometimes, I opt for the third option but since I can’t sing… oh well, you can only imagine.

Believe me, it takes a lot for me to reach meltdown status and I don’t mean the panicky kind. Recently I experienced some incidents at work and personal that sent me into nuclear mode (which I do not recommend if you can avoid it). This wasn’t the quick blow over, it had a lingering effect which had me questioning the surrounding world’s sanity and of course I had to perform a little inner psychiatric evalutation (I think I passed… I think).  Once I reverted back to the calm and patient guy, I began to take it all in stride and regained my understanding that s**t happens and it’s not the end of the world. In those moments it’s just an instinctive reaction but we have to let cooler heads prevail. Life is life and it doesn’t present itself as an easy going plan. Sometimes all the wisdom, philosophy, inspiration, spirituality, new age, whatever gets you through thoughts do not work and you just roll with the punches or sing….

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16 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts: S**t Happens

  1. I can understand this. But as a rule, I don’t panic until all options have been exhausted. I’m so good at this now that I generally never panic in terrible situations.

    Recently, I started learning to drive on the right (for me, wrong) side of the road. It’s not easy to get used to. I’m from Jamaica and we drive on the left.

    Well I made it to a stoplight and the light was amber so I went on, but it changed right as I crossed the line. This guy on a bicycle was not paying attention. He saw green on his end and kept going.

    Well…I almost hit him and had to swerve, but stayed on the road and proceeded like nothing happened, though I did check the mirror to make sure he was okay.

    Both my parents freaked out. When we got home my Dad was staring at me. He told me I was surprisingly calm for a new driver who almost run over a cyclist.

    It was until I got to my apartment that I realised my hands were trembling. And then in a few seconds, it was gone.

    My friends call me an android. One boyfriend told me a blender had more feeling than me. I call it self-control lol

    When I was a teen I used to get really worked up when things went wrong, and that was often. I hated that about myself. By 14/15 I became as I am now…

  2. It sounds as if you’ve done a good job of talking yourself through. So sorry it has happened, but I think these things happen to all of us. My idea is that ever once in awhile Satan sees and opening and pours it on, but if you remember God tells us that it’s never going to be more than you can bear, and in the process you learn that you are stronger than you thought and you’ve been strengthened again. I believe in your strength…you couldn’t write the spiritual poetry your heart speaks so beautifully without a strong faith. Hang in there, brother!

    1. Thank you, Marie! Satan will not let up and do anything and everything possible to distract us and take our eyes off God. Our God is above all things and will always carry us through. Thank you so much for your encouraging words 😊

  3. If you can’t sing it you can hum it πŸ™‚ . Just kidding. I’ve known some pretty bad days at the office too. Perhaps the key resides in remembering that work does not define us. It seems hard to focus on that while we are going through the situation but ultimately it should work. Kudos on keeping your cool

    1. Thank you, Geetha and believe me, I was humming a bit. You’re right, work does not define us, it’s all about the attitude we choose to carry each day. 😊

  4. Your faith and unswerving determination give us inspiration to tackle all obstacles. Thinking of you! πŸ™‚

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