Chris Cornell 1964 – 2017

I was shocked to hear about the sudden death of Chris Cornell. When grunge rock took over the music scene in the 90s, Soundgarden emerged as one of my favorite bands from that era. Chris had such a powerful voice and style. He was part of Temple of The Dog, a band put together as a tribute to Adrian Wood, former lead singer of Mother Love Bone.

Chris also was a member of Audioslave, which had members of Rage Against The Machine.  Prayers for his family and fellow band members.


Death is imminent 

Expected and unexpected 


If we have today

Then we should live

With every fiber of our being

We should live

33 thoughts on “Chris Cornell 1964 – 2017”

  1. Reblogged this on Lance Greenfield and commented:
    My grandson, Ollie, was inspired by Chris and is devastated by this news. Ollie’s current [grunge rock] band is called “A Doubtful Sound”, which will mean something to New Zealanders and not a lot to Europeans and Americans. Anyway, if you listen to their music, you are sure to hear some reflections of Chris Cornell.
    A sad day indeed.

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      1. All the reports coming out now say it was suicide. Who knows the demons one is fighting within and as you say, why don’t people look for help. Even more saddening.

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    1. We can remember him through the wonderful music he created with his band, fellow musicians and his solo efforts. I hope Noah is stilling playing his guitar. I appreciate you sharing the link.

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  2. Very sad. In response to the person up there who asked why people don’t “look for help”…i think you’ll find they do, but nobody listens . Until it’s too late. The thing about depression that nobody seems to grasp is that not only is it something that people tell you to :”get over” ( believe me, i know) , it’s also something that you need help to GET help for, as by its very nature, depression deprives an individual of the very skills and energy to jump through all the hoops required to access that help. I wish more people would consider this instead of blaming the victim 😦
    Anyway. Chris was amazing; he unwittingly helped me through highschool. It’s such a waste that he’s gone so young 😦

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad that Chris’ music helped you get through those high school years 🙂 A loss to music and you his loved ones.

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