Friday Inspiration: Lord of All Creation

How wonderful

Are the wonders of God

Beyond imagination

Beyond definition

And reality

Our God is wonderful

music: Third Day “God of Wonders”

photo credit: A Little Perspective



13 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration: Lord of All Creation

  1. What a great thought and feeling to start the day with. God is wonderful and always with us… looking forward to a wonderful day☺Have a great one too☺

      1. Yes, finishing a long, satisfying ghostwriting project this weekend … a memoir about a fascinating woman who has triumphed over great adversity. The writing is done … just some formatting and pictures’ design and then PDF to the client to print and publish. A sigh of relief at a completed project that turned out splendidly. I’ll be speaking on the intricacies of ghostwriting and the special bond of collaboration which forms when two souls unite in synergy to produce an outstanding dedication to an amazing life of faith and commitment to the lives of others!

      2. That’s wonderful, Deb! It is really special when creatives unite, collaborate and bring to life something so unique. Have a blessed weekend, dear friend. 😊

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