Monday Thoughts: Nonexistent In The Presence of Self

There are people in the world, who are just wrong, and then there are the masses of population that are right, or at the very least they lie in the veil of between. I on the other hand, do not belong to any group. I don’t exist. It’s not that I don’t have substance; I have a body like everyone else. I can feel the fire when it burns against my skin, the rain when it caresses my face and the breeze as it fingers my hair. I have all the senses that other people do. I am just empty, inside.

– J.D. Stroube, Caged in Darkness (Caged, #1)

I walk without looking behind 

I know you are behind me

Watching and waiting for me to stumble

I was never good at being a monster 

However enticed, I would not succumb to that minuscule gene 

It exists in us all 

And with the right amount of prodding the transformation can be quick 

For some there is no coming back 

For others it is a temporary brush with darkness 

I really don’t concern myself with it

I’ve swallowed enough pain to breathe fire

So I choose not to turn around 

I walk the corridor until light expands and fills all existence 

Besides, how would a monster deal with someone who doesn’t exist….


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Whenever you find yourself in the abyss, remember that you are somebody. Hold on to that fact and believe in you. Don’t allow anyone, anything or any circumstance to take away the substance of your presence and being in life.


11 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts: Nonexistent In The Presence of Self

  1. We can be who we want to be. It is only dangerous when we are not aware of it. Dangerous most of all for ourselves. Great thoughts and poem, Sylvester! Wish you a monster-free Monday 😊

  2. Amen to that Syl. Sometimes we must get angry or be herded like sheep. Not having that. Have a blessed day .

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