#RomanticTuesday: Seasons Gone By


As the seasons go by

From the snowflakes to the drops of rain

From spring’s reawakening to blazing summer sun

My appreciation of you deepens


Seasons gone by

This well of love never dries up

Complacency kills the heart

So I love you stronger

Not allowing a day to go to waste

Or take for the granted the sound of your heart beating

Thoughts of a last embrace, a last kiss, a last touch

Fuel my desire to hold you longer and let your essence linger in my heart

Sometimes words get the best of me as my expressiveness unfolds

It’s alright, love should always stir the soul

I remember the last photo of you I looked at

And I remember what life was like before you

Seasons gone by

This well of love never dries up

Only deepening that much more


photo credit: pexels.com



8 thoughts on “#RomanticTuesday: Seasons Gone By

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Sylvester! When the source is love the well never dries out but fills the dam until the flow can be better released and in that awareness, even more, stronger expressed and treasured than before. That’s growing love, isn’t it?

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