Thoughtful Thursday: Identity

“A personality alters itself through a series of self-referential experiences. We are not the same as the day before. Much as a person can never set foot in exactly the same river on any given day, we are different each day. Yesterday made us, but the past cannot contain nor restrain us. We can never mentally scroll backward and be who we used to be. We must move forward in the stream of life until the day that our life force dries up and we return to dust.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls


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15 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Identity

  1. Yes, exactly! We don’t even notice our development or change but we do alter in any given moment. Unconsciously we grow within and widen our horizon or feed our belief system with all that happens around us. There is no standing still. Life is constant development and we cannot stop it even if we want. Fantastic quote and thought!

    1. Life continues, life goes on, life is in constant motion. A day may seem the same as another but no days are exactly the same. All the while, we are changing in some form or another. Thank you for your input, well appreciated.

  2. I love this and it reminds me of a quote, “Change is the only constant” 😀
    I just read your weekly digest in my email and am going around and liking the actual posts 🙂

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