6/3/17 – Time…Unknown 

Thoughts of blues skies 

Warm hearts, warm atmosphere 

Idle chatter, light banter

Pick and choose, whatever grooves you

Beautiful eyes that make men cry

Shy smiles although we have conquered worlds

Thoughts of you

A forgotten treasure 

A natural life enhancer (no exaggeration)

Banging the drum slowly to slow the rotation of the day

Lighting a scented candle to say “I’m with you always”

Studying this map of life and seeking clear directions (God, I know you are listening)

I sang a song today and I sang it loud 

Thoughts of sitting alone

Feeling my heart beat inside 

Sipping on an ice tea

Saying “cheers” to whatever comes next 

Hoping the best is always yet to come 

photo credit: pexels.com


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